HalfWorld Anime "Valhalla"

It honestly started out as just getting back into Cinema 4D but it kinda took a life of it's own and became this ad for a fictional show or a network called Valhalla. Inspired by the movie Mad Max but minus the desert part. A little oasis comes a long way in surviving in the desert!

I welcome you guys to take a look. Let me know what you think?

Working on a Concept for LeFHTY RiGHTY logo

So the idea is you see these pair of hands pop up into screen holding a PS4 controller. Playing some kind of virtual reality space invader game. Or, there's a montage of video video game through out the ages and BOOM! The hands break apart from the control. Which is now, so powerful that its hovering on its own. Thats when, the 3d lefty righty text smash into screen. To close out the animation The 3d text logo and the controller blend and becomes a 2d solid color logo. 

Check it out!


Was on vacation for the week and already I'm itching to do something on after effects. This animation will serve as the opening sequence for.... i guess my new demo reel? or could be used for something else? ha! check out some screen shots!

and then here is the fine tuning with a temp background... i'm not sure what i want yet but it'll do.

TBT post

this was shot 4 years ago! i was at Julia Tuttle Causeway just before sunset and at the time i just got my hands on one of the best starter camera ever. the HMC40. Hope you'll enjoy this video.

Arizona United

I been covering the Arizona United SC this season. check out this hot promo i made for them!

no playoff this year but next year i think they will win it! 

Sony FS700R...


so, i was able to get my hands on the sony and we did a quick high speed test. check it out!!!

update so far

so, when i first started 2882FiLMS. it was just gonna be a personal business card where i can show case my work to everyone in the world. as time went on, this project had grew into something with massive potentials. its a blanks canvas so to speak. now with version 2.0, i have full control of what i want to do with this and the first things to do is create more fun stuff for everyone to enjoy. 

this video was created a while back. i though it would be cool to share once again. 

Wasup?! 2882FiLMS.COM 2.0 is LIVE!!!!

ok, first post... here we go!

first off! thanks for stopping by! you R awesome! 

new updates! now includes my photography work and there's a new reel on the front page. a new version coming soon!

there's a blog section now! moving up son! moving up! 

anyway, check back for more updates!